Water Softener Chemicals and Supplies

Kinetico  has all the supplies and chemicals you will need to keep your home’s water system fully functional. We carry a wide selection of water filters, chemicals, softener salt and bottled water and related accessories. Save time, money and resources with our wide variety of supplies for your home. We are eliminating the hassle of going from store to store, website to website, to get the supplies you need. Call one number and receive the water softener chemicals and supplies you need!

Today, soft water is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Hard water is not just unpleasant, it’s harmful to your skin, your clothes, your appliances, and yes, even to your pipes. Kinetico Water Systems is minimizing damage and returning the softness to your skin, hair, and clothes with our water softening solutions.

Thousands of homes, in Iowa, are turning to Kinetico to tackle their water issues. From Whole Home Drinking Systems to simple attachments, our solutions can solve a variety of water issues.

Not convinced? Check out these 5 reasons why you should choose Kinetico Water Systems.

  1. No Electricity Needed
    That’s right! It’s all in the name! Kinetico harnesses kinetic energy from the water running through the system. This means lower energy costs and electricity bills for you!
  2. Fast, Self-Cleaning Systems
    Kinetico is all about efficiency. Our systems clean themselves at an average of 11 minutes. That’s 5x faster than any other systems. Plus, there’s no flow disruption during the cleaning cycle!
  3. Environmentally Friendly
    Kinetico Water Systems use less water. Compared to traditional water softening systems, Kinetico only uses 7 gallons of water versus 50-70 gallons.
  4. Less Salt
    Kinetico Water Systems use one pound of salt; one. Traditional water systems use between 6-18 pounds of salt.
  5. Born and Bred in the U.S. of A!
    Kinetico Water Systems are all manufactured in the United States. This allows us to service and replace broken parts or systems easier!

Our goal at Kinetico  Water is to provide clean, soft water with the latest technology in water purification. Our affordable and safe water softening systems provide clean water that lasts for decades. Delve deeper into the water in your home. Schedule a free water test from one of our certified technicians. We will match one of our Kinetico Solutions to your unique water issue.

Our team offers solutions that fit every home and budget. Whether you need an economical solution to your home’s hard water problems or a salt-free, top-of-the-line dual tank system that cleans itself, we can recommend and install the perfect water softener for you.

Our services don’t end at the equipment. We are dedicated to total water solutions, including supplies and the tools you need.

Water Softener Chemicals and Supplies in Iowa

Here at Kinetico  Water, we understand that professional water tests can diagnose many of the issues you may find with your water. With a proper diagnosis, you can come up with a solution.

Whether or not you’ve gotten a professional diagnosis, we offer solutions like water softener chemicals and supplies to people in Iowa. We do recommend that you take us up our free water analysis we offer. If you need water softener chemicals or supplies, contact us today!