Kinetico Leak Detection System

Introducing our Kinetico Leak Detection System. In the event of a leak, it will automatically shut off the water in 5 seconds or less, when paired with the System Hub and Leak Sensors.

At Kinetico, we are committed to keeping you, your home and everyone in it safe from devastating water damage with intelligent leak & flood protection.

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Kinetico Water Shut-Off Valve

The Kinetico Shut-Off Valve connects directly to the main water supply of your home. In the event of a leak, it will automatically shut off the water in 5 seconds or less, when paired with the System Hub and Leak Sensors.

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Kinetico Cut-In Valve

Kinetico System Hub

Kinetico Hub

The Kinetico Hub 3.0 is a smarter, more flexible, and disaster proof hub that communicates between Sensors, the Shut-Off Valve and you. New built-in Wi-Fi now frees the hub from being installed next to your router. Place it anywhere you like in the home for optimal coverage and strengthened communication between devices.

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Leak Sensor

The Kinetico Leak Sensor protects your most high risk areas, including washing machines, water heaters, bathrooms, and HVAC units. The sensor sends the signal to shut off water within 5 seconds or less, and alerts you of a leak.

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Kinetico Sensor

Kinetico App

Pair with the Kinetico Monitoring App

Pair all devices via the Kinetico Monitoring App.

Set your preferences via the app to receive push notifications, text, or email alerts in case of a leak and who to contact in case of emergency. Also, integrate your Kinetico System with Nest from within the app.

Kinetico Monitoring App will be available soon on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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